Play Sports In 2017

Take up a sport in the New Year. You will lose weight, improve conditioning, experience more self-confidence, and feel more energetic. Quality sporting goods aren’t cheap, but there are several ways to lower prices when you follow some simple advice and hunt down savings.

Tips for Saving Money on Sporting Goods

sporting-goodsSporting goods, like clothing, go on the market according to the season and are subject to intermittent sales or promotions. In mid-winter, spring items come onto shelves. Seasonal sales give consumers the opportunity to snatch up items that are considered “out of season.”

Brands change their logos and styles, and team sponsors come and go. Watch the news for signs of change that could affect your shopping experience.

E-commerce is usually cheaper than in-store pricing, but that’s not necessarily the case. Be alert to the possibility that a big, physical store might be able to compete at certain times. Consider the whole cost of your order too including shipping fees.

Notice that how much you buy can affect the cost per item. Size can also be a factor; plus-sizes will sometimes cost more than regular sizes.

Loyalty cards and reward programs enable consumers to save money. If you shop at certain places regularly, stay connected socially too.

Seasonal Shopping

Why do seasons matter? As stores clear shelves, they drop prices from the huge markup where they begin to add small markup. They still make a profit, but consumers don’t pay as much because those shelves need clearing in order to make room for the coming season of sports equipment that’s about to be shipped in. One has to be willing to think nine months ahead, though, to the following year’s sporting season or take a risk that at least some remaining stock will be available in his size.

Branding and Sponsorship

Size doesn’t usually matter where baseball bats and balls are concerned, except in leagues for youngsters. When a major sports team’s sponsor is replaced by another, all fan clothing and equipment bearing these logos has to change. If you are interested in buying an affordable shirt bearing a player’s name and the team he plays for and logos, don’t matter, purchase a jersey for half the usual price. Maybe the sponsor remained, but the logo was redesigned. This could be the case for a team logo instead. Clothing and equipment are, once again, cheaper without needing a coupon or a special sale day. Buy a new baseball mitt, karate sparring gear, boxing gloves, soccer balls, and more.

Online Shopping Vs. In-store

Most of the time, the online price is lower because stores operating over the internet do not have to cover the same overhead costs such as lighting and shoplifting while insurance costs are usually lower too. This is not the case when shipping fees are high or when an in-store promotion undercuts online stores. Connect to physical stores by following them on Facebook or Twitter. Subscribe to emails in order to learn about 1-day sales that will not be promoted in newspapers or any other media.

E-commerce typically provides an opportunity to buy items in large volumes, something a brick-and-mortar store might arrange with a customer, but that’s between the individual and store management. When shopping online, browse for volume savings.


Whether online or in-store, always use coupons featured on prominent websites, like They provide additional savings of 20% or more in most cases, or they provide free shipping.

Loyalty Rewarded

Any store, online or brick-and-mortar, will usually run a “points” program or loyalty feature of some kind. These points accumulate as you shop and they might expire after a year, so do some homework. If they do not expire, let the number continue to grow until you can take a big chunk out of one very large bill for sporting goods. Loyalty points are excellent ways to encouraging consumers to do all of their shopping in one place. That’s not as easy when you want specialty items, but it doesn’t hurt to at least try and use them.

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