A Resolution To Save Money


new-years-resolution-stock-today-151210-tease_3a6634ef8a95a897648bb9cafb6ee9f4-today-inline-largeAs New Year approaches, consumers will resolve to do many things. They will get fit by taking up sports. Some will plan to create a beauty regimen and beat the signs of aging. Numerous individuals work out a budget for home renovations, decorations, and general improvements in the yard or inside the house. A lot of people look forward to the latest in electronics or taking up new hobbies that distract them from food or cigarettes so they can lose weight or stop smoking. As these consumers prepare for 2017, they should be looking for the cheapest options, especially if they will be experimenting with something new.


Money and Common Excuses

Instead of pursuing their plans, many people say they couldn’t afford sporting equipment. Maybe the cost wouldn’t have been so bad, but what if they decided boxing or running wasn’t for them? The money they spent on gloves, special shoes, etc. will have been wasted.

How about anti-aging products; they don’t always work. How many times should a woman experiment with brands before she finally says it’s hopeless and gives up because this is an expensive waste of time? She might as well not bother.

Home improvements are the same. They sound good, but when a couple adds up the cost of the repairs and changes they want to make, the final figure is more than they can handle. Instead of doing as much as they can afford, projects are left for yet another year.

That RC plane looks good, but it’s a bit expensive. What would the wife say if you brought it home and joined a club? She might not approve, especially if there are other, more pressing bills to pay.

Saving Money in the New Year

Perhaps these customers need to think of ways to save money. Usually, all of the products above can be accessed for less if you are creative, think ahead, and don’t mind doing some research. Companies buy a lot of goods, usually more than they need, and they know that at some point they will have to drop prices considerably to see their shelves cleared. You aren’t doing them a disservice by purchasing products for less or utilizing coupons and other tools.

After-Christmas Sales

The post-Christmas season is an excellent time to find bargains. In fact, many stores run sales from Black Friday until the first week of the New Year. You have to be prepared that stock is usually from the previous season, so something new is about to come out. Do you mind if your new electronic gadget has already been superseded by the next generation of RC toy, smartphone, or laptop? No? Then take advantage of big savings.

New Sporting Season

Sports teams are sponsored by companies, but sponsorship agreements change. Moreover, big teams and brands periodically change their logos and designs. As they do this, equipment and clothing come on sale. Sports goods that once cost $70 are available for half price or less. Those shelves need clearing of their last-season boxing shoes, the past-summer’s baseball jerseys, or hockey equipment that celebrated the last Stanley Cup play-offs.

Beauty Bonanza

There are gimmicks in beauty just as there are in every area of health care and cosmetics. Companies promote the latest miracle cure for wrinkles and dark circles, but that doesn’t mean their last ideas were a failure. Scan online shelves and displays at cosmetics stores for deals on products being phased out to make room for the newest line. Go for reliable companies but save money anyway.

Home D├ęcor

You don’t need to buy into those 6 a.m. sales at furniture stores to find bargains on sofas and mattresses; pillows and rugs. Simply follow the fliers. Is there a week when one of the big furnishing stores doesn’t run a sale? Probably not.

Online Shopping

Here is another way to save: shop online. Usually, online pricing is lower than in-store pricing. Internet stores have lower overheads. Pay attention to shipping costs, but even these are often cheaper than driving and parking costs.

Easier than Malls

There are many ways in which shopping for goods online can cut your costs. One is that you don’t spend money traveling to malls out of stoneridge-shopping-center-16town. Another is that you don’t waste any savings you might have enjoyed by purchasing lunch at a restaurant and being lured into other stores that weren’t on your list. Thirdly, some coupons are only valid online. They are redeemed at the internet till, but can’t be used in the store.

Volume Sales

If you are ordering sporting goods for an entire team, most stores online provide lower prices for these bigger orders. Customers can save 10% or more on each item because they ordered 20 or 30 of something. Even products that are otherwise listed at full price can be cheaper this way.

Use the Internet as a Resource

Even if you prefer to shop in stores, browse prices over the internet, so you have a plan for your shopping trip. Know exactly which shop offers the best deals on the items you want. Only go to those stores; don’t visit a place that isn’t on the list. With a plan in place, shoppers are less likely to make impulse purchases.